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Over the past few years, several small business initiatives have been set up that provide services for space weather application development and operation.

Small companies can offer rapid and flexible solutions with low overheads. In order to maximise this potential to the benefit of the players involved as well as of their customers, it is felt that the time is ripe to set up a framework through which small companies can present themselves in a more uniform manner and exchange information, knowledge and resources.


The idea of an alliance of small businesses was first discussed in a splinter meeting at the 9th European Space Weather Week, on 8 November 2012.

A follow-up splinter session took place during the 10th European Space Weather Week, on 21 November 2013, 13:30–15:00, in Antwerp, Belgium. The next meeting will again be during ESWW, in Liège, Belgium, at 14:30–16:00 on 21 Nov. ESWW participants are invited to attend the splinter meeting, and to give a short presentation of their companies (please contact info@spaceweatherconsultants.eu for confirmation).


This web site was set up to provide a platform for ecxchange of information and ideas. Company profiles are being collected for display on this site. If you would like to add your company information or would like to be added to the email distribution list, please send a message to info@spaceweatherconsultants.eu.


We would also welcome suggestions for a snappy acronym! So far, the following suggestions were received:
Business Alliance for Space in Europe
Consortium Of Space Technology Unified Micro-businesses in Europe
COnsidering Space Technology: Union of Micro-businesses in Europe
European Micro-enterprise Alliance for Research and Technology in Space
European Small Businesses in Space Weather
European Synergetic of the Micro-enterprise Alliance for Research and Technology in Space

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